It has been my absolute pleasure serving this community since its creation in Feb. of 2010.  Due to inactivity, time constraints and costs, the forums here at have been set to a “read only,” state.

The site has always been by the boaters for the boaters and we wanted to insure that there was a place to continue to have the Boating Community come together.

A Facebook Group seemed like the best option as we can have multiple admins and everyone can post / discuss things in a common fairly well known interface.

These forums will remain online until further notice.  There is a wealth of knowledge here on many different subjects.  Feel free to use the search function and link back to it as a reference source at your leisure.

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BoatingWinnebagoLogoSilverPirateI think it has become obvious that I personally do not have the time or dedication to properly take care of this site anymore.  I no longer have a boat.  Other hobbies and life activities occupy my time now.

I’ve come to a tough decision but I think its the right one.  It’s time for me to sell the site or hand over the promotional reigns of the site to a new person or group of persons.  I’m doing this so that the site can again flourish and be the best resource for information for the Lake Winnebago boating community.  Which has always been the mission.

I am offering the site for outright sale or on a free lease.

If there is a person or group of people that would like to promote and drive traffic to the site while I still maintain the back end and hosting I’m good with that.  The lease would be free as long as the site is being promoted and stays active and it does not turn into a profit generating business.  Think of this as more of a community service type agreement.  If good faith is show over a couple boating seasons by said leaser to keep the site free and open, I would be inclined to transfer the domain name etc to them for a very very small price.  The spirit of the site has always been to be free and by the boaters for the boaters, it means more to me to keep that dream alive than to get any type of a paycheck out of this.   (Something I have never taken from the ownership of this site.)

If there is a person or business that is interested in an outright purchase, you will get the following:
The domain name.
The Wordpess and SMF website and databases for moving to new hosting.
Facebook page with almost 1000 likes
twitter account and youtube channel.
All promotional materials I have.
Once you own the domain name, it is yours to do with as you please but I’ll be very selective and want to know your intentions.

Even with the reduction in activity the site still is #1 ranked site in most major search engines for boating on lake Winnebago and is consistently in the top 10 for just about any search related to lake Winnebago.  That is not by accident.

If you are interested in the site, please send an email to or use the contact form here:

If there is no interest I will be shutting down the site, but will still register the domain name for the foreseeable future to avoid any online domain wholesale places getting a hold of it.

Thank You,

Corey Mielke



The date was Nov. 14, 1813. British Colonel Robert Dickson arrived on Lake Winnebago’s Garlic Island, and established an encampment with his group of 27 fighting men. Dickson’s goal as an “Indian Agent” for the British in the War of 1812 was to recruit the support of Native Americans against the Americans in the battle that basically was over the fur trade. Dickson’s goal was to use gifts and merchandise to gain support with tribes located in the corridor from Green Bay to Prairie du Chien.

Weather conditions prevented this group from completing their travel to Prairie du Chien that cold November, so Dickson and his troops set up camp on Garlic Island. Nearby on the mainland was a Menominee village that soon became reliant on Colonel Dickson for goods and supplies.

As winter pressed on, conditions became more difficult. Supplies from Green Bay were not able to get through, creating a serious situation for Dickson, his men and the local Menominee’s. “Although Dickson and his men were themselves often on the edge of starvation, both his natural humanity and strategic considerations compelled him to feed the Indians as well as he was able” (source: Illinois in the War of 1812).

Letters from Colonel Dickson to his lieutenants and others describe the rapidly deteriorating conditions. On March 15 he wrote, “…I am heartily sick and tired of this place. There is no situation more miserable than to see objects around you dying with hunger, and unable to give them but little assistance. I have done what I can for them, and will in consequence starve myself. With best wishes. Yours truly, R. Dickson” (source: Garlic Island War Letters, 1813-1814, Colonel Robert Dickson).

It was soon after, provisions arrived as spring allowed travel routes to become more accessible. Dickson and his men eventually continued their trek southward.

The result of the War of 1812 as stipulated in the Treaty of Ghent is that American forces prevailed.

Here, on Nov. 14, 2013, the 200th Anniversary of the arrival of Colonel Dickson, a few local citizens joined the Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society to commemorate this historic occasion on Garlic Island. On hand for the dedication was Richard Keene of Neenah, Archaeologist Richard Mason of Neenah and Randy Domer of the Winnebago County Historical and Archaeological Society. Two flags were hoisted onto the flagpole located near the waters edge. First, the American flag followed by the British flag. The flags were raised by Keene and Mason, followed by a commemoration read by Domer.

Historic Garlic Island is located on Lake Winnebago near its west shoreline, north of Asylum Bay between Oshkosh and Neenah.

via Garlic Island celebrates bicentennial | Post-Crescent Media |



The Winnebago Lakes Council has received two grants totaling $50,000 from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to begin Phase II of a large-scale issue prioritization and response program.
The program will benefit residents along and users of lakes Winnebago, Winneconne, Poygan, and Butte des Morts.

“During Phase I, we asked for public input on the most important issues facing the system,” Calumet County Director of Resource Management Julie Schmelzer said. Using, residents can still give feedback to local officials on various lake issues and receive news about grant projects. “The second round of funding will allow us to move forward investigating and implementing recommendations we received from lake users,” said Schmelzer, who was recently appointed to the Winnebago Lakes Council Board of Directors.

via DNR grant awarded for Lake Winnebago.



KAUKAUNA — Imagine boating down the lower Fox River from Lake Winnebago to Wrightstown.

For the past three decades, that’s been a pipe dream. By spring 2015, it will be a reality.

The Fox River Navigational System Authority has begun a $3.3 million project to restore and reopen three Kaukauna locks — Nos. 1, 2 and 3 — for boating. Restoration of a fourth Kaukauna lock — No. 5 — will be bid separately later this summer but also will be finished by the 2015 boating season.

“The restoration of the Kaukauna locks is part of the final phase of the overall lower Fox River lock restoration project that began in 2005,” said Harlan Kiesow, CEO of the Fox River Navigational Authority, which was created by the state.

Upon the reopening of the shuttered Kaukauna locks, only one obstacle — the Rapide Croche aquatic invasive species barrier near Wrightstown — will prevent boaters from traveling between Lake Winnebago and Green Bay.

The Rapide Croche barrier will remain sealed, but the navigational authority plans to construct an overland boat lift and cleaning station to clear the obstacle. That work is scheduled for 2015-17 and would be the last piece of a puzzle that hasn’t been together since the 17-lock system was shut down in 1984.

“The opening of the lock system should not only provide boating opportunities but will also foster recreational and historic tourism, as well as promote community waterfront economic development,” Kiesow said.

The lower Fox River lock system was once key to Wisconsin’s shipping and paper industries but was closed as those industries declined and maintenance costs grew.

The navigational authority took over management of the system from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2004. Since then, the authority has reopened to boaters the Menasha, four Appleton, Cedars, Little Rapids and De Pere locks. The Little Chute locks have been restored but are not open to boaters because of a required bridge replacement on Mill Street.

“Everybody has been waiting for this for a long time,” Kiesow said. “They are getting excited about it.”

The Boldt Co., based in Appleton, has been hired to restore the Kaukauna locks to their 1930s style. The project includes repairing the locks’ mechanical systems and rebuilding the locks’ walls, gates, chambers and guard houses.

The Wisconsin Historical Society and Legacy Architecture of Sheboygan are working with Boldt on the historical preservation. All 17 locks are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“We’re just repairing what we can and replacing what we can’t to make sure the locks work and function properly,” said Jennifer Lehrke, principal architect and consultant at Legacy Architecture. “However, we’re also matching old parts and ensuring the locks retain their historical value.”

Reed Rodenkirch, project manager for Boldt, said his crew will try to replicate the outstanding workmanship of a bygone era.

“I consider it sort of working in an outdoor museum,” he said. “We are actually building a museum display for the public.”

— Duke Behnke: 920-729-6622, ext. 32, or; on Twitter @DukeBehnke

via Unlocking the locks | Appleton Post-Crescent |



APPLETON — High Cliff State Park would more than double in size and get $11.3 million in upgrades under a proposal by the state Department of Natural Resources.

The draft master plan calls for the addition of 1,820 acres to the 1,195-acre park on the northeast shore of Lake Winnebago. Its boundaries would extend to Wisconsin 55 to the east and Calumet County Park to the south if the state acquires the additional land — which is in the hands of more than 100 landowners — at an estimated cost of about $9.1 million.

High Cliff, one of the state’s smaller parks, is Wisconsin’s fifth busiest, bringing in about 417,000 visitors annually, said Carolyn Morgen, park superintendent.

“What happens is the property just gets used a lot, it gets loved a lot,” Morgen said. “We would love to be able to expand and offer people more recreational opportunities.

“It is exciting. We also understand that it is for willing sellers only and it’s going to be a long process.”

The public can hear about the plan and comment on the park’s future at a May 7 meeting at the Sherwood Community Center. The master plan will be submitted to the state’s natural resources board for approval in June, Morgen said. Plans for specific projects will be drawn up once the master plan is approved.

While the park expansion could take years, work on upgrades to the park’s dated infrastructure and facilities could begin soon. Repairs to the park’s showers could start as early as this year, Morgan said.

Other projects, including a $1.5 million expansion of the family campground, will be prioritized based on need and available funds.

Morgen said it likely will take three to five years before bigger projects — such as the estimated $5.5 million marina upgrade — appear on the construction calendar. Funding can hold up the timeline, but projects can be paid for with state dollars, grants and donations, she said.

“I think there is a lot right now, and I think a lot of what happens with High Cliff is going to depend on the economy,” Morgen said. “If we have to wait for state funds, they’ll just get pushed back.”

High Cliff State Park’s last master plan was approved in 1982. It is supposed to be revised every 10 to 15 years once the plan’s goals are met, Morgen said.

The draft master plan calls for High Cliff to share a border with Calumet County Park and offers options to connect the two parks if complete land acquisition does not occur.

Frank Wasdovitch, Calumet County Parks Department director, said plans to connect the two parks through a trail system have been in the works for about a decade, but have stalled in recent years.

“We think it would be beneficial for both parks to be connected so there is an off-road type trail so people could safely go between the two parks,” Wasdovitch said.

The park’s northern neighbors are optimistic that plans for park expansion and improvements would increase business in Sherwood, said Village President Jim Rath. A portion of the state park is within the village’s boundaries, he said.

“We hope to have visitors spend more time and become a true destination for the people visiting High Cliff State Park,” said Rath, who plans to attend the May 7 meeting to learn more about the proposals. “The park is a treasured asset of the area.”


Park master plan proposes doubling High Cliff’s size, millions in upgrades | Green Bay Press Gazette |



There is a petition submitted to the Oshkosh city council to make the Fox River slow-no-wake from the Butte-des-mortes bridge to Lake Winnebago (all of Oshkosh). This would roughly triple the current slow-no-wake distance.

If this concerns you, there is a preliminary meeting Monday at 6:00 to talk about it. The petition is being presented to the City Council at 6:00 Monday Sept 10th.  This is a preliminary meeting held by the parks dept. Oshkosh city hall room 410. With enough opposition, the issue might be killed right there. Please be there!  (Note correction to meeting time and location.)

Please get involved.

For more information and discussion on this please see the following forum post:



Riverwalk is proceeding on schedule.

The first concrete walk was placed last week. The entire walkway from the hotel to the east side of center court should be finished in the next three weeks or so and then the installation of docks in that area will commence.

Demolition along the Beckets seawall will commence after Labor Day.

The new center court landscaping plan is close to being finalized. Additional trees, plantings and benches will be incorporated. The existing pavers will be removed and concrete will be poured. During this time, center court will be closed to the public. We anticipate the relandscaping of center court to occur sometime in October.

Again, please remember to stay away from the construction zone/water and do not go past any fence or barricade line. Work will continue most of the winter (weather depending). The City will be performing water/sewer line work for the hotel at the intersection of Ceape and Commerce sometime in the near future.

Deb Fenzl



The DNR will be cracking down on drunken boaters this weekend.

Wardens will be out on Wisconsin waters Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of the national Operation Dry Water campaign.

The legal blood-alcohol level limit is 0.08, the same as for driving cars.

During last year’s Operation Dry Water, the DNR says patrols spent 1,684 hours, contacting 1,870 boaters. There were 14 arrests for boating under the influence, along with 162 other citations and 599 more warnings.

Operation Dry Water is a joint program of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and the U.S. Coast Guard.

via DNR targeting drunken boaters June 22-24, 2012.



NEENAH — The city’s Landmarks Commission has received confirmation that the Kimberly Point Lighthouse has been designated to the Wisconsin State Register of Historic Places by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The commission nominated the lighthouse structure due to its iconic role in the history of the community.

The fully operational lighthouse, located at the Northern point of Kimberly Point Park, was constructed in 1945 and is considered of local historical significance for its association with Neenah’s history of water recreation. The structure is one of only two surviving park improvements funded by the city’s prominent paper manufacturers. The other is the distinctive 1922 Doty Park bridges.

The lighthouse was increased in height by 10 feet in 1954 to increase the lantern’s visibility and slightly altered due to vandalism in the 1970s, when the first floor windows were enclosed.

Constructed of painted brick and wood boarding on the upper levels, it is decorated in elements of Colonial Period Revival and houses two public restrooms, along with a series of platforms that lead to the lantern and contemporary lighting mechanism.

Significance to community: Neenah’s early industrialists worked hard, but still made time for recreation which centered on Lake Winnebago – pursuing yacht racing in the summer and ice boat racing during winter months. Yacht racing began on Lake Winnebago around 1859 and over time became one of the premier Fox Valley sporting and social events of the early mid-20th century. Lake Winnebago continues to be a popular water recreation destination, so the Kimberly Point Lighthouse will continue to stand guard overlooking the headwaters of the lower Fox River and guide fisherman, just as it has for over 65 years.

For more information about the Landmarks Commission, contact Carol Kasimor at

via Kimberly Point Lighthouse gets historic designation | Appleton Post Crescent |



MENASHA — State Department of Natural Resources conservation wardens will remind boaters and anglers this weekend to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

The wardens, DNR Water Guard and Clean Boats Clean Water will work with local county patrols in the Lake Winnebago area Saturday to raise awareness about the spread of invasive species.

The DNR will set up a portable station to wash down boats and trailers from 9:30 a.m. to noon at Jefferson Park in Menasha.

via DNR raises awareness of invasive species | Appleton Post Crescent |



The Lake Winnebago Quality Improvement Association will meet for the first time at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6 at University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac, rooms 113/114, 400 University Drive.

The group’s objective is to improve the overall quality of Lake Winnebago for recreational purposes while preserving its natural resources and caring for the creatures that make the lake their home.

Fishermen, boaters, jet-skiers, windsurfers, birdwatchers and anyone interested in natural resources, wildlife preservation and conservation practices is invited to attend the charter meeting.

Fond du Lac County and the UW-Extension are co-hosting the meeting.

via Lake Winnebago improvement group meets Wednesday | Fond du Lac Reporter |



EUREKA – Boaters now have greater access across Northeast Wisconsin.

Renovations on the Eureka lock are complete and it is open to boater traffic.

The $300,000 project was spearheaded by the Berlin Boat Club.

It took about three years to complete.

The lock is located between Berlin and Eureka.

It opens up boating traffic to Lake Butte des Morts, through Oshkosh, into Lake Winnebago.

“It’s great for the city of Berlin. It connects us back up to the Winnebago system. I’m thrilled we’re now connected back to the Winnebago system,” said Berlin Boat Club treasurer Dick Schramer.

The Eureka lock will be open every weekend from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

It can also be operated with 24 hour notice.

A grand opening is set for June 30th, which will include food, entertainment and fireworks.


Renovations complete on Eureka lock:

Lake News: Renovations complete on Eureka lock.



An Oshkosh man who was driving drunk on a frozen Lake Winnebago in 2011 will spend a reduced amount of time in jail after being placed in the county’s alcohol-abuse treatment program.

Todd M. Anderson, 45, pleaded no contest to his third-offense of drunken driving Tuesday during a hearing in Winnebago County Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint, Anderson’s truck became stuck after spinning “doughnuts” on the ice on Jan. 30, 2011.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies realized Anderson was intoxicated while they were helping to free the truck. A preliminary breath test showed Anderson had a 0.365 percent blood-alcohol content.

The case was initially dismissed after a judge determined a frozen Lake Winnebago was not a highway. The case was re-filed and assigned to a different judge. Prosecutors argued that Anderson violated state law that prohibits drunken driving on premises held out for public use. The second judge dismissed the case and prosecutors appealed the decision to the District 2 Court of Appeals, which reversed the judge’s decision earlier this year.

Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Barbara Key placed Anderson in the SSTOP alcohol-abuse treatment program and ordered him to serve 23 days in jail, with an additional 67 days stayed, and pay a $600 fine. Anderson must also perform 67 hours of community service.

via Drunken driving on frozen Lake Winnebago leads to jail sentance | Appleton Post Crescent |




Sensational Summer Concerts
Leach Amphitheater, Riverside Park, Downtown Oshkosh
12 consecutive Thursdays from June 14th through August 30th
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The Village of Winneconne could see a new resort and marina on the banks of the Wolf River.

A developer identified as Winn-Win Resort Inc. is pursuing the redevelopment of a parcel of land located at 111 North 1st St. in Winneconne into an upper-midscale hotel and marina resort, positioned along the banks of the Wolf River. The hotel would have 60 units and the marina would include 116 boat slips. The site is currently home to Lang’s Landing, a motel owned by Dennis Lang.

Winn-Win is headed by Mike Mullen, a professor of marketing and international business at Florida Atlantic University, said Winnebago Village Administrator Steve Volkert. Lang contacted Mullen, an Appleton native, to look at the property, and an offer for Winn-Win to purchase the land has been accepted, Volkert said, adding that Mullen has spent a lot of time as a tourist in Winneconne and spent about three months investigating the site last summer. Neither Mullen nor Lang could be reached for comment.

“The mere presence of an upper-scale resort in the village is going to really bring us kicking and screaming into the 21st century,” said Tom Snider, the Winnebago County Board supervisor who represents the Winneconne area and is chairman of the Town of Winneconne. Snider said the resort would help combat a shortage of accommodations in the area and might make events such as fishing tournaments more successful.

Snider is the sponsor of a resolution that will be considered by the board Tuesday that urges the state Department of Natural Resources to approve the development of the marina. Snider said he plans to amend the resolution to simply voice the board’s support of the development. Similar resolutions have been prepared for the Winneconne town and village boards.

According to the county board resolution, the marina is part of the redevelopment of an existing Brownfield marina, motel and industrial site on a well-flushed waterway that requires no new dredging and that will substantially reduce runoff consistent with the 2010 Wisconsin Clean Marina Guidebook.

Officials said the resolutions do not represent approval of any specific plan for the project.

Volkert said Mullen will meet with the DNR within the next few weeks. After that, Volkert said, Mullen will determine the total construction costs for the project and begin explore options for financing it. Mullen completed a feasibility study in February that showed that the 60-unit resort model would be financially feasible, Volkert said.

It is unclear if Mullen would seek public assistance to finance the project.

Snider said after one meeting with the developers, he doesn’t foresee a request for public money to finance the project, but the project is in the early stages and could go in that direction.

Volkert and Snider see the project as an opportunity to bring a different market and different kind of clientele to the area, taking Winneconne’s tourism industry to a new level.

Increasing the number of tourism dollars coming into the community would help sustain Winneconne’s restaurants and other businesses that rely heavily on money from outside the community, Volkert said.

“Tourism is huge,” Volkert said. “The community doesn’t have an enormous amount of industrial or commercial properties. The dependency to get people to come to Winneconne primarily because of the water is extremely important to all our businesses.”

New resort and marina may be headed to Village of Winneconne | The Oshkosh Northwestern |



OSHKOSH – Oshkosh’s Menominee Park could be seeing some changes over the next few years.

The city is currently developing a master plan for the park, getting input from residents Wednesday night.

The more than 100 acre park is located on city’s east side along Lake Winnebago.

For more than a century, the park has been an iconic part of the city, drawing hundreds of visitors a day.

And now, officials say it’s time to think about its future.

“We don’t have an existing plan, so it’s an exciting time for use to really look at the park itself and hopefully get some plans for the next 15-20 years and really start adding those things to our capital improvement projects,” explained Parks Director Ray Maurer.

Wednesday night, residents got a chance to share their ideas.

Some, would like to see more restroom access.

“I’m thinking they could maybe add some port-a-potties with some wood stands that would hide them and protect them from vandals and what have you. They would work well for people walking on the trails,” said Oshkosh resident James Rothe.

Other, more extensive upgrade ideas include expanding the beach area and making it more season friendly.

“Opportunities for people to access Lake Winnebago a little more, so I think we’ll hear a little more on beach access and a year-round bath house facility for ice skating, warming shelter, and so forth,” Maurer said.

However, some park goers don’t want to see any changes, other than routine maintenance.

“We have a unique view of Lake Winnebago, I think it’s one of the prettiest spots in Wisconsin,” said Helen Herlache of Oshkosh.

The public will have another chance for input later this month or early next month.

Maurer hopes to have a comprehensive plan in place, and in the hands of the common council for a vote by mid-June.

He says the city doesn’t have any cost estimates at this point, since it is still in the planning stages.

via New plans in the works for Menominee Park.



Four seminars starting April 2 explore the impact of lakes on our lives. The “Dip into Lakes” seminars will explain how fish and aquatic plants survive, how laws and property taxes have changed over time, and how water moves through the landscape. Fond du Lac County and UW-Extension sponsor the series of free programs on the UW-Fond du Lac campus. The first seminar is on Monday evening, April 2, from 6:30-8:30. It discusses how lakes change with age and illustrates the transformation of Lake Winnebago in particular. Later seminars discuss legal issues and economic impact of water (April 16); the benefits and drawback of aquatic plants (April 30); and challenges to the health of Lake Winnebago and the fish population (May 14). All “Dip into Lakes” seminars take place from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Mondays at UW-Fond du Lac in Rooms LGI 113/114. (For campus maps, visit People can attend one seminar or all four, depending on their schedule and interest. Registration is preferred but not required. Call (920) 929-3173 or email to register.

via UW-Fond du Lac hosts lakes seminars | Fond du Lac Reporter |



The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office assisted an alleged drunken boater Saturday night after wind blew his boat away from shore.

It was the second time in about two years the 33-year-old Fond du Lac man was allegedly intoxicated while floating on Lake Winnebago.

At about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, a resident of Sandy Beach Road reported a boat about a mile from shore. The caller said the boat appeared tipped over and the male operator was trying to signal people with a light, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy responded to the scene and the Fond du Lac Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol and Rescue was dispatched.

The man told deputies that wind pushed him from the shore and he was trying to row back, according to the release.

The man’s craft was a smaller rowboat with an improvised sail.

Chief Deputy Mark Strand said the man was not on probation and faces no charges.

On April 2, 2010, deputies responded to a report of the same man stranded in a boat.

He told police in 2010 that he put his sail down because it was too windy. The deputies noticed the man had trouble standing and was slurring his speech, Strand said in 2010. The man allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking. He registered a preliminary breath test of .186 percent, said Strand.

Due to a pending case, he was charged and convicted of bail jumping in the 2010 incident.

Circuit Court Judge Dale English on Aug. 9, 2011, sentenced the man to 60 days in jail on one count of misdemeanor bail jumping, according to online court records.

via UPDATE: FdL Sheriff’s Office helps drunken boater | Fond du Lac Reporter |



The U.W.-Oshkosh Foundation has bought into a hotel.

The on-again, off-again plan to buy a share in the City Center Hotel and Convention Center from Nashco Hospitality Group was on again, and the purchase was completed Tuesday, according to the U.W.-Oshkosh web site.

The foundation partnered with two local hoteliers — Richard Batley of RB Hospitality in Neenah and John Pfefferle of Pfefferle Companies Inc. in Appleton.

Last year the foundation was working with the WHC hotel group, but in November the potential buyers determined some issues with the renovation costs made that deal impossible.

The new ownership group plans to revitalize the 179-foot waterfront hotel into a full-service, state-of-the-art business hotel with a restaurant in 2013, the UWO web site said.

The partners estimate the renovation will provide more than 200 construction jobs, and the renovated hotel could create more hospitality jobs.

The partners also plan to use revenue from the hotel for UW-Oshkosh Foundation scholarships to Oshkosh high school students, and possibly use the hotel for a hospitality learning program for university students.

Batley also owns the Bridgewood Resort Hotel and Conference Center in Neenah, and Batley and Pfefferle are partners in the CopperLeaf Boutique Hotel and Spa in downtown Appleton.



Add a little summer to your winter

February 16-19, 2012 at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena and Shopko Hall

It’s Northeast Wisconsin’s largest and longest-running boat show!  Two exhibit buildings packed with the areas finest selection of boats priced so hot that when they hit the water – it’s sure to set off steam!

The area’s finest boat dealers bring their selection of cruising, fishing, pontoon, and recreational boats to offer you the best deals of the year.  Personal watercrafts will be on hand for those looking for some on the water excitement!  Kayaks, and canoes will be on hand for those seeking a quieter recreational option.

The Waterfront Lifestyle Expo exhibitors will be on hand to help you enhance your waterfront home, build that cottage or cabin, save your shoreline, and enjoy your outdoor living experience.   From vacation destinations, kayaks, docking and docking systems, and more – visit the village at the Expo!

This year watch for new and fun interactive entertainment.

Get in FREE on Thursday, February 16, with a cash donation to Golden House or an item from Golden House’s wish list (click here).



Kiteboarders take to the Lake

Members of the Winnebago Association of Kiteboarders (WAK) will be making the best of this year’s winter weather at the 23rd annual Sturgeon Stampede Kiteboarding Classic to be held Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 11 and 12.

Many of the Midwest’s top kiteboarders will gather off the shores of Lake Winnebago to show off their favorite tricks while competing in a variety of heats, including: Speed Drags, Kitercross, Lake Crossing and Big Air.

Events will be held from noon to dark each day, wind permitting.

Kiteboarding combines the fundamentals of wakeboarding or snowboarding, along with flying a 3- to 16-meter kite for power.

The event will be held on Lake Winnebago, a half-mile off the shore of Fisherman’s Road landing (six miles north of Highway 23 off Highway 151).

Lake News: Kiteboarders to gather in Fond du Lac this weekend.



Below is a link to a video where Reporter Jeff Bollier, a.k.a. Streetwise, takes a look at the latest in Oshkosh on the water restaurants. The Dockside Tavern Food and Spirits is the latest in the Supple Restaurant Group lineup.

Dockside Bar and Grill Video from the Oshkosh Northwestern.




When: 2-5 PM Saturday Jan. 21, 2012

Where: Becket’s – 2 Jackson St.  (City Center,) Oshkosh, WI

Every year for the past 5-6 years boaters have been getting together for a simple, informal holiday cheer party at one of our favorite boating destinations.  This year is no exception.

There will be no fancy dress, no elaborate gift exchange, no ugly sweaters.  Just a bunch of depressed boaters enjoying good conversation, libations and laughter celebrating the past boating season. will be providing a $150 open bar at the beginning of the get together.  After that, we’ll take donations or just go with a cash bar.

Everyone is welcome (encouraged,) to stop by and meet everyone else.  It’s always nice to put a face to the users here in the forums.

Hope to see you there!

Corey Mielke – Webmaster



The Boat Yard Bar and Grill is no more.

Long live the Boat Yard!

The community had high hopes for the Boat Yard, 425 Nebraska St., when it received a coveted liquor license in July 2008 and then opened in spring 2009 complete with docks and an outdoor patio big enough for a great party, demonstrated time and time again by the concerts and events held out there regularly.

It was a converted industrial building. It was on the river and helped kick-start the community’s effort to refocus on snagging boater traffic between the upriver lakes and Lake Winnebago. And it was one of the few bright spots in the slow turnaround happening in the South Shore Redevelopment Area.

Unfortunately, look at the Google reviews and you’ll probably see some of what did in the Boat Yard: One-star reviews outnumber the five-star reviews 7-2 and there is no in-between. It appears people either loved or hated the service and the food.

And while the Boat Yard has shut down, the space will not stay dark for long. In fact, some heavy hitters in Oshkosh are stepping in to renovate the decor, the menu and the name before reopening in early February.

The Supple Restaurant Group has partnered with Boat Yard owner Jason Lindemann to re-open as the Dockside Tavern, Food and Spirits after the decor is stripped down and refocused on the original nautical theme the Boat Yard went with when it opened.

Jay Supple said the Dockside will refocus on the site’s natural assets — docks, the great patio, the bar designed to look like a Chris-Craft boat, etc.–and develop a menu that’s more in line with waterfront taverns boaters in the region may be more familiar with. It seems part of the challenge the Boat Yard may have faced was developing a menu that was too big for its kitchen. Supple said a slimmed-down menu that focuses on burgers, sandwiches, daily fish frys and some dinner items should resolve some of the issues with prep time and delays that dogged the Boat Yard.

“It definitely has the components to work and now we just have to make it work,” Supple said. “We think boaters will love the feel of the Dockside once it re-opens.”

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