Just a reminder to everyone. With EAA AirVenture going on this coming week there will be a safety zone on Lake Winnebago near Streichs for seaplane take off and landings. In the past it has been marked with large buoys and been patrolled by the USCG.

Click here for a Map of Security Zone

(61) EAA Airventure; Oshkosh, WI. (i) Location. All waters of Lake Winnebago bounded by a line drawn from 43°57’30” N, 088°30’00” W; then south to 43°56’56” N, 088°29’53” W, then east to 43°56’40” N, 088°28’40” W; then north to 43°57’30” N, 088°28’40” W; then west returning to the point of origin (NAD 83).

(ii) Enforcement date and time. The last complete week of July, beginning Monday and ending Sunday; from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day.

Remember folks, the giant spinning Cuisinart has the right of way.

via EAA Safety Zone.

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