This summer the Railroad bridge in Oshkosh is under construction and we’ve already heard numerous complaints about the bridge being closed more than it’s open.

With the bridge being constrained to one lane this has become a concern and we wanted to make sure that all boaters have the proper information to contact the bridge tender directly and if that fails to know that you have the option / right to file a complaint to the US Coast Guard.

To contact the bridge tender directly you can hail them on channel 16.  If you do not have a marine radio or they do not respond you have the option to call them directly.  The bridge tender is required to carry a phone and answer it at all times of operation.  (8AM to Midnight.)  That number is 920-456-9864.

I have it on very good information that the head of bridge operation for the CN railroad is highly committed to responding to boaters this summer with the inconvenience they are unfortunately imposing.

If contacting the bridge operator directly fails or you are not happy with the wait times or see any unsafe behavior due to bridge openings being delayed, you can submit this form to the US Coast Guard and they will be meeting with the CN Railroad to review all complaints later this year.  (There is a reason the tender was required to be at the bridge starting last navigation season.)

train bridge – coast guard blank form

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