Anyone with a boat powered by a vintage Johnson motor will tell you that a well-maintained outboard engine can last decades. When then motor finally dies, don’t discard it. Convert the engine into the best-looking blender ever.

Spotted on Etsy is a 1958 18 HP Johnson outboard motor that was gutted and modded into a blender. The original 18 HP engine was removed and replaced with a blender-friendly Homelite 2-cycle motor. The blender uses the original tiller handle, kill switch, choke and throttle to control the blending. Anyone who has operated a boat motor will appreciate the custom exhaust, which was installed to keep the noise level reasonable. And that paint job is simply splendid.

The designer of this unique blend of technologies is offering up one unit for $2800.

via A Boat Motor That Blends A Fine Cocktail.

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